Did I get a Lemon? Anyone Else Having Problems with Whirlpool Gold Fridges?

by Marie

I own a Whirlpool Gold French Door, bottom freezer which I purchased in 2010.

(For those of you reading this, it makes it around one and a half years old. Yep, don't think I should be having a problem with it yet. Call me crazy.)

So far I have had to have a repairman come and remove ice build up in the bottom of the freezer. We found water was all around the unit and on the floor.

The gentleman who came said that there was some type of metal substance inside of the recycle water tube. Huh? Why would there be a metal substance in the recycle water tube? I am so confused.

Now the fridge is making noises on one side like a ball bearing is bouncing around inside of it. Why would it be making that noise? Could it really be metal coming out of the fridge and lodging itself in other places? I don't know anything about refrigerators but I do know that things aren't supposed to move around like that.

While I bought the extended warrenty on it, I never expected I would actually need to use it. Now I am more than a bit glad I did because it sounds like it is having some major issues.

How does such a new refrigerator have so many problems? I've never had a problem so early on in the life of a major appliance.

Has anyone heard of this problem happening with Whirlpool Gold refrigerators from 2010 or before? It just seems like this can't be a one time type of thing. I honestly suspect that someone, or many other people are experiencing the exact same issue. Maybe it can but the repairman really thought that it was something that the factory did wrong.

Can anyone tell me if I got a lemon? If so, is there a class action lawsuit going against Whirlpool and how do I become a part of it?

Thanks for any suggestions or help with my sour fridge.

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Comments for Did I get a Lemon? Anyone Else Having Problems with Whirlpool Gold Fridges?

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Feb 18, 2015
Whirlpool is the worst
by: J.L.

This is the review I sent in to whirlpool that they WOULD NOT print in their reviews of the fridge. Our "new" door we received has actually made alll the problems worse and we are back to no ice, frozen solid food in fridge. Can not get any help from Whirlpool or Sears.

Would give minus stars if possible DO NOT BUY!!!
We bought this fridge from Sears two years ago and it was a disaster from the start. First we received the wrong color, finally two months later our fridge arrived. Promptly it stopped producing ice, then food in the fridge would freeze while ice cream in the freezer remained soft?! Have you ever tried to crack a frozen egg?! Crazy. Then the water line started to freeze so sometimes we have water sometimes we don't. I can tell you six ice cubes also don't last long in the summer with a family of five. We called Sears, we called whirlpool, we had numerous "contractors" out to fix the problem, motor replaced twice, fridge "reprogrammed" and finally a new door after a seven month wait. Now the new door has compounded the freezing of the food in the fridge so much so that a carton of milk was frozen rock solid in the fridge. It's just infuriating and I can get no where with either Sears or Whirlpool. So it's off to small claims court with my frozen strawberries and apples and to buy a new fridge. Buyer please be warned, and whirlpool does NOT stand behind their products, I have been on the phone for hours trying to get assistance.

Jun 04, 2012
Whirlpool Gold what an attractive fridge but
by: Anonymous

I also brought one in October 2011 and problems after one month of purchase the technician came to my house at least 6 times. He made it seem like we were doing something wrong. The drawer was sticking, there was a constant flow of water from under the refrigerator. The last strawer was when the draw refused to go back in. I told the company to come get their fridge. They repaired it and insisted I took it back but I stood my ground and eventually I was able to get a refund in the form of a crdit note

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