Can You Leave a New Refrigerator For a While Without Turning It On?

by Joe
(San Diego, Ca )

I just received new small refrigerator and I don't need to use it until next summer. My question really is how long can I keep it without turning it on?


Hi Joe,

Considering the fact that refrigerators remain in warehouses waiting to be purchased for months and even years sometimes your new small refrigerator is probably fine.

Though if it is still in the box, I would recommend keeping it there. For one you won't have to clean it when it comes out. And storage is much easier while still in the box.

There is actually only one good reason why not using it for a year might be a bad thing: The Warranty. The minute you purchase a refrigerator your warranty starts and if you don't use it for almost a year you might be almost out of warranty before you even turn it on.

Let's also not forget to mention the fact that most stores will take any refrigerator back for the first week to 10 days no questions asked. You won't have this as a possibility if it doesn't work when you do turn it on in ten months.

For that reason alone I would turn it on and put gallon bottles of water in it (both fridge and freezer), open and close it often and check it out fully. Use all of the features more than once and if every thing works great, then you should be fine.

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