Can really bad mould be cleaned from a fridge?



I'm moving to a new house in two days. While moving stuff into it yesterday, I opened the fridge and freezer and was hit with an almighty smell ! ! !

The fridge has a lot of mold.

I'm worried the landlord can't fix this problem in time for me and my kids to move, in two days time?

And I need to be out of my current letting.

IS it possible to clean this in the given time, so it can be used safely????

Wow that really doesn't sound like fun!! Sorry to hear about this. I can see that you are from Ireland and am not aware of the laws and regulations over there but I am pretty sure over here in the US you must make the place that you are letting livable.

Otherwise, yes it is possible to clean your fridge in this amount of time but it is not fun nor enjoyable work.

My mother and step-dad just did the same thing with a refrigerator they were given. The first steps they took was pulling the fridge out of the house and using a hose with a pressure nozzle on it. Once everything was out of there they left it open in the sun to make sure it would fully dry. (Make sure when spraying not to get the cord or the back of the fridge wet.)

Next they used a soap and water solution to clean it and afterward a water and bleach solution.

All three steps took a decent amount of time but they now use this fridge everyday in their garage and feel very comfortable with the food they have in there.

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