Can a Fridge Stay in an Unheated Garage?

by Rob
(Thunder Bay)

I hope someone can help me answer my question. I don't want to buy a refrigerator and end up having to throw it out in a year because it doesn't work.

I am looking to buy a new fridge for my new unheated garage. Now I am not going to try to make it run through the cold winter and I do plan on unplugging it for the winter.

Alright so here's my question, "Is this OK to do to a refrigerator once or even year after year? Can a fridge sit outside that long frozen and work properly year after year? Or will the fact that it's closed and off for most of the year make it not work when I turn it back on?"

Again, there's no use in my buying this refrigerator if after only a few years it doesn't work any more or filled with mold I can't get out.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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Jun 26, 2014
I've done it
by: Anonymous

I had a fridge/freezer and a freezer in my unheated garage running for the 8 yrs straight I lived in a house (Monsey, NY freezing winters and hot summers) and I had no problems whatsoever. I did however always have a car sometimes 2 parked in the garage overnight so maybe that helped the temp in the garage?

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