Anything LG is Terrible!

by D.D.
(Pa, USA)

Don't buy LG because anything LG is terrible!

My first mistake was buying LG.

  1. My refigerator is 3 years old and does not dispense ice
  2. My dishwasher is 7 months old and has been repaired 3 times and still does not work right
  3. My microwave is 16 months old and won't heat anything.

Save your sanity and buy any other brand.

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Apr 13, 2015
by: Anonymous

Bought an appliance and it broke after a few months. The various members of their Customer Service Supervisory team that I spoke to were unwilling to provide a satisfactory resolution (the last of them even hung up on me!). I will never buy another LG product. I tossed the appliance and bought one from a competitor.

Mar 16, 2011
LG Sucks!!!
by: Anonymous

I bought a LG dishwasher a year ago and had their service man come out and replaced the pump. They did not tell me that the parts were covered under the warranty.

So when I called LG, they said they could not send me the $40.00 dollars directly. Instead I had to deal with the service man, even though I found him on their site.

Never, never will I buy a LG anything.

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Jan 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

I bought an LG refrigerator and the ice maker went out in only one month. I had it replaced and the replacement also went out. I then had it replaced for the 3rd time.

Best of all, after all of that it makes ice now but the dispenser doesn't work!!


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Jun 07, 2010
Reply to Heidipro
by: dd

They are taking the dishwasher again, the warranty runs out next month then I am on my own.

The microwave is going to be fixed but I have to pay the full bill myself. LG basically said its not their fault that it broke and there is no warranty on it.

Jun 04, 2010
Wow that's no fun!
by: HeidiPro

Boy you've really had a bad time with LG! We're so sorry to hear all of things have happened to you.

Did LG offer any support to fix any of these problems?

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