Amanda Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator Review

by Sandra
(Covington, LA)

I purchased my Amanda Whirlpool Gold metallic stainless steel side by side refrigerator expecting so much more than I got. I mean with the name Whirlpool Gold you have the expectation of something being 'priceless' not worthless.

While it looks good in my kitchen but other than that it has been a huge, gigantic disappoinment. I can honestly say that it is not worth the $$$$ we spent.

Here's a list of a few of what has gone wrong:

  1. There's a crack in the door
  2. Cracks inside frame
  3. Across the board all of the plastic pieces are made from substandard plastic
  4. No matter how many times we change out the water filter the ice still tastes funny
  5. The ice container sticks

We also bought a Whilrpool Gold microwave which has also been a huge dissappointment. The handle broke easily making it very hard to open the door. When you turn it on the rotating tray does not turn properly. Even more scary is that sometimes it smells like it is overheating. All I think about it is that we need to replace before it burns our house down.

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