Amanda side by side fridge (5BD20KW)

by Mark Ebert
(Sandy, Utah)

I can't say enough great things about our Amana side-by-side refrigerator! It has been nothing short of sensational!!

We were considering getting a 2nd fridge to keep in the garage for when we have large parties or to keep extra beverages in and started looking for a new one.

The craziest part of this process has been learning that so many people are so unhappy with their refrigerators and that they don't typically last longer than 7-10 years!!

We just thought buying one refrigerator would last you for 20+ years was normal. It seriously doesn't seem like the case anymore.

With all we've researched about Samsung and LG, we will definitely stay away from them. (Way too many ice maker issues!!)

So, for now, we think we will hold off from buying another refrigerator and keep the one we have though we know should we buy another one, we will be shopping for an Amana.

We truly trust them as a company and look forward to seeing if we can find a new fridge for our kitchen and put our old stand-by fridge in the garage.

(Adding a newer look to our kitchen would be great, but not needed now.)

Knowing we have had the same refrigerator for 37 years, and it's never left us high and dry, is wonderful.

We're hoping to get 3 to 5 more before we have to get a new one - or heck, why not ask for another 37?!?1

Thanks, Mark

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Sep 25, 2022
37 years is super impressive!!
by: Phil

Hi Mark,

It's so funny to hear you talk about how much you truly love your refrigerator as we often hear the exact opposite from our reviewers.

Just the thought of how long you've had this refrigerator kind of boggles the mind. If it was a person they would be entering into almost middle age!!

That really does say something amazing about an appliance that has consistently worked for that long! I mean seriously, just calculating the number of hours it has worked it is pretty much 325,000 hours straight!

That's truly incredible when you remember that we don't ever give our refrigerators days, weeks or even hours off. That's a crazy amount and truly a feat worth gushing over! Way to go Amana!!

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