Amana with bottom freezer model #ABB1924WEWO

by Jack Maine
(Chatham,On,Canada )

We bought our fridge in July 2012. When it was delivered we noticed a small dent in the side.

The person delivering it to us called the store and told us that we had 2 choices: 1)We could send it back to the store (and spend the time going back to find another fridge we wanted - ugh!) or 2)They would take 100 dollars off price

As you can imagine, we took offer number 2.

We thought it was a good deal and we were happy until only 2 weeks later we saw that the appliance store had taken the same unit and had a discount of 100 dollars off the same cost.

To say the least we realized we should've asked for more of a discount.

On July 6th,2012,just a few days after getting the refrigerator we noticed an ice build-up in the freezer compartment.

We immediately called the appliance store and they sent 2 people to repair. They came a few days later and while here they took panel off to check drain.

Apparently these men knew about this issue as this problem had happened before. They knew that the drain funnel was not large enough and knew they needed to drill it out and make a larger hole.

It seemed like they knew what they were doing so we were happy with the results.

Just 4 years later in March of 2016 we had the same problem again. So we called the same appliance person who repaired it again on March 2, 2016.

Just over a year later in May 2017 we had the same thing happen again where ice build up in appliance. Waiting to hear from the appliance person on May 24,2017.

We are wondering if Amana was aware of any problems with this unit.

Due to this annoying recurring issue we shall never buy another Amana appliance or do any more business with that appliance store nor recommend it to our friends.

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