Amana Bottom Mount Freezer Refrigerator model abb1922few

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Here's my review of my Amana bottom mount (bottom freezer) refrigerator - model abb1922few.

I bought this Amana bottom freezer refrigerator just over five years ago. I loved this fridge until recently when it stopped cooling properly. First, it wasn't the same temperature all over, and then it started to get warm within the whole fridge.

The strangest part was that the freezer remained cold. Everything in it was still frozen; even the ice was just how you would have expected. I was utterly stumped.

I've done a great deal of research on this and have found that many people with this same refrigerator have had the same problem. It sounds like the fan that sends the cool air from the freezer isn't working.

I'd bet it's probably a compressor issue that will cost me more than the fridge itself to repair. UGH!!

I wish I would have bought a Whirlpool instead.

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Oct 24, 2014
Broke down twice in 6 years!
by: Debbie

I bought this Amana model in 2008. 2 years later, the bottom freezer drawer had built up ice on top - it needed a new computer. Now, 4 years after that, the exact same thing that the previous reviewer said has happened - the refrigerator is not working and the freezer is. The warranty people said it is the computer AGAIN. I have been living out of an ice chest for the last 5 days in 95 degree weather and I am plenty pissed. I love this refrigerator but will be dumping it as soon as they fix it - twice with the same problem in 6 years is a design flaw to me. Thank God I bought the extended warranty - I advise anyone who buys the crap appliances they make today to buy one, it's worth every penny.

Amana originally made the first refrigerator with the bottom freezer back in the 1960's, so I thought I should go with them when I bought. Boy, was I wrong. Too bad, it is great otherwise.

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