Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review (model #ARB2117AW)

by BEM

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My Amana bottom freezer refrigerator review of model #ARB2117AW is not a great one, except for the amazing design for interior storage. (I am finding it hard to find in Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator but that's the brand that we're buying next.)

We've had 3 repairs for freon leaks, it needed and evaporator coil. This is a known problem in Whirlpool refrigerator group.

Now they use porous pipes just made so thin and cheap that they fail after the warranty ends. It's very sad that Whirlpool knows well of the problem that they have sold customers.

Should be a recall on this junk.

I purchased this product in Canada and it was expensive to buy. Sadly enough the Canadian chain store where I bought this from has a service department that is well stocked evaporator coils due to the same problem.

Only 3 months ago I bought a front load Whirlpool washer and dryer and I already wish we had bought Samsung. My Whirlpool washer rocks and vibrates at high spin. The reason why is it sits on concrete floor, or so I am told. This is just one more known problem of theirs; too bad customers find out these "known problems" too late and at their own cost.

This is why North American companies and jobs disappear:

  • Living only on a name brand
  • Carelessly built and low quality
  • Poor design
  • Lack of loyalty to customers
  • Golden Handshakes
  • Killing the goose that laid the golden egg (this Goose / customer now walks away).

Ever wonder why Whirlpool has to buy so many names? I no longer have to wonder.

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