Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerator model ABB2222FEB

by D Lockett
(Belmont, MA)

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This Amana basic bottom freezer refrigerator with adjustable shelves that accommodate most any sized object. Seems reasonable, right?

Unfortunately, both crispers broke within six months. The warranty does not cover them. The cross bar that holds the crispers also broke. Also not covered by the warranty. The crossbar is entirely customized, but I'm glad to say we are handy 'cuz we were able to repair it and the crispers.

And now, in less than five years, the compressor gave out, and we are forced to purchase a new fridge.

We own a two-family building, and each unit has the same fridge - crazy of us to have bought more. The downstairs unit has been running well for ten years. Great! The upstairs unit, though, had to be replaced in 7 years.

How do we allow appliances to be made so poorly these days that these large ticket items are not even lasting a decade? Even when I tried reasoning with Amana that my data alone shows half of all refrigerators are under seven years, they refused to do anything for this loyal customer.

Consumers beware. The service technicians tell us that no product is made to last longer than ten years. So, unless we start demanding that they do, their obsolescence will continue to be planned through smaller and smaller time frames.

Money spent on service contracts, service calls, having to pay to replace parts not warrantied, and spoiled food. Obviously, the consumer loses.

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