amana ATB2135HRW top freezer refrigerator

(North Platte, NE)

Our Amana top freezer refrigerator is 10 years old and we have had numerous problems with the water line to the ice maker.

It freezes up and then the freezer and refrigerator get warm and all the food spoils if we don't check it daily.

To add insult to injury the freezer makes a terrible noise and walls have frost on so we defrost the entire freezer about every 3 weeks.

The repair person came out and replaced the defrost timer replaced. Well, two months and $130 later, it is doing the same thing. Any ideas besides buying another fridge? - not an Amana though.

One of the hardest things for us is that it looks brand new on the outside but doesn't work. What a waste to dump in the land fill for years to come.

Has anyone else had the same problem with the same model or make? Just wondering if there are more than a few of us because if so we may have a class action law suit on our hands. Let me know.

For now I will just have to look for a replacement for this one.

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Oct 07, 2016
Same problem. Buy new one???
by: aleyser

My problem is very similar to yours. I wonder if To simply purchase a new one. Any suggestions?

Apr 13, 2014
appliance repairman frig is fixable 4058812237
by: Ted

Did the repairman replace the terminator or also called bi metal sounds like u have defrost problem which is usually timer heater or terminator if u have frost that is noticabble on back wall of freezer its your terminator which means heater is not cycling right and to much frost builds up and blocks your vents to ref

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