60 Days & Counting: Still Love My LG Refrigerator

by Richard

Well here we are at 60 days and the 31 cu ft LG is just like it was before. Good to go!

Now I have been running a wireless thermometer in fridge and freezer and watch the results daily. Maybe paying too much attention but here is the "skinny".

The temperature fluctuates with the compressor and the need for coolness. I can read as high as 47 on the fridge but if I look inside at the red-line thermometer I have in there it is always below 37.

The fridge is set for 35 degrees and the wireless often is at 35 or 34 degrees but often above too while the freezer is getting most of the colder air. They seem to take turns but since everything is cold and OK it does not seem to make any difference.

For my money I think this fridge is still awesome and if you need big or just do not want to cramp up all your stuff so you can not find it this is a great buy.

I still have no negative comments to post.
  • It is beautiful inside as well as outside
  • Everything is kept at the best temperature.
  • Veggies especially are great.

I would love to put it head to head with some of the more expensive brands. I find nothing "cheap" about this one yet.

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Comments for 60 Days & Counting: Still Love My LG Refrigerator

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Feb 02, 2012
Sixty Days?
by: Anonymous

Curious why any appliance of any quality, cost, or brand would not provide adequate service for 60 days?

I would like to see appliances rated by some scale whose data directly correlated cost, longevity, and efficiency. Maybe call it the "truth" ratio.


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