2 Year Old Broken Amana Bottom Freezer Fridge (Model ABB1921FE,AB,1927FE)

by Patricia
(Calgary, Canada)

As I am over 70 found it hard to reach things in my standard top freezer fridge (7 year old GE), I bought a bottom freezer Amana refrigerator in July 08 (just over 2 years ago).

I liked the ease of use, however for the past month the freezer won't shut off even set at 1. I have tried unplugging and left it 24 hrs so it would defrost but the same thing happened.

I called the
Amana appliances company and they said to lower the setting. If that didn't work they recommended calling a repairman which started at $81.00! Goodness knows what the final bill would be !!!!!

This is on a 2 yr old unit!! I had a GE that was bought new, which was still working 37 years later when I sold my home and never once did it require any service.

I think they build appliances to give problems as soon as warranty is past and most times they tell you it would be cheaper to get a new one rather than fix it.

Cant afford the fix or a new one!!

(**Looking for a GOOD repairman in your area -- Try Angie's List.)

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