Energy Star Appliances

Save Money on Your Water and Energy Bills While Saving the Planet

So what's the big deal about Energy Star Appliances? Well in actuality there is more than just one "thing" that makes it worth talking about.

First off, and of course the most obvious is that these appliances are "energy saving" in that they need less energy to be just as efficient. So you will be saving money every month on your electric bill, which over time will cover the cost of the appliance to begin with.

Secondly, if we are talking one of the Energy Star Appliances that uses water like a washing machine or a dish washer, you will also be saving anywhere from 10-50% in water. Again, these savings are another really great way to decrease your monthly costs and justify treating yourself to a new appliance.

Thirdly, let’s just spell in out here plain and simple; saving on water and energy is a good thing not only for your wallet but also for our planet. We all have heard over and over again how we need to learn to use less water and energy because of the excessive use of both of these has had a definite negative effect on our planet.

What types of Energy Star Appliances Are There?

You may be quite surprised to find out that there is quite a large range of Energy Star Appliances and quite a few actually will allow you to get an Energy Star Rebate from your state government.

Here’s a list of those that will entitle you to an Energy Star Appliance Rebate and some that will also entitle you the the Energy Star Tax Credit as well:

  1. Energy Star Freezers & Energy Star Fridges: Both of these will enable a great deal of savings due to the fact that these two appliances end up working for you 24/7.

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  2. Energy Star Air Conditioners: Good news on this is, again, when it’s in use you’ll find it working almost all of the time. Also, the Energy Star Tax Rebate is open here to covering both central AC as well as individual room units as well. Though certain central A/C units are eligible for the Energy Star Tax Rebate which should cover 30% of the cost of the unit up to $1,500.

  3. Energy Star Furnaces, Energy Star Heat Pumps, & Energy Star Boilers: If you live in a cold climate you know only too well how much your gas and electric bills can be in the winter. Who wouldn’t welcome anywhere from a 10-50% savings?!?!

    (All three of these items can qualify for the Energy Star Tax Credits of 30% of the cost of the unit up to $1,500.)

  4. Energy Star Dishwashers & Energy Star Washing Machines: These are the only two appliances that you will be able to save on both your gas or electric and your water bills. You’ve got to love that.

  5. Energy Star Water Heaters: Surprisingly, most of us aren’t aware that our water heaters tend to work all day long keeping the water in the tank hot enough for you to be able to take a shower any time you’d like.

    For years many utility companies promoted installing a timer to your water heater so that it turns on a few hours before you typically take your shower/bath. In the end they’ve found that it takes almost the same amount of energy to reheat the entire tank to get it ready for your shower as it does to keep it warm all day long.

    So instead you’ll find that the best solution is to get an Energy Star water heater that's tankless. There are a few reasons why we think it’s really worth the bit extra it might cost you.

    • Decreased energy costs

    • It is much smaller than a regular water heater and is quite often placed out in the garage allowing for more storage space where the old water heater used to be.

    • You will NEVER run out of hot water again – even when guests are over!

One other great little tid bit to know about putting in a new Energy Star water heater is that most of them will qualify for the Energy Star Tax Credit which is 30% of the cost of the water heater up to $1,500!

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