Don't Even Think About Buying a Samsung Refrigerator!!!!

Don't even THINK about buying a Samsung refrigerator! My fridge is only 7 mos old, the freezer broke last week!

A service person came out & diagnosed it as a "sealed system failure" (freon leak).

I called Samsung Customer Service (which is a JOKE) for a replacement. They are very nice & polite, but do NOTHING, not even call you back in an hour as THEY promise.

Oh, and their Executive Customer Relations person who emailed me last week doesn't even have their own title spelled correctly on their email signature, they have it as "Excecutive"! Shows what quality Samsung has all around.

I bought a NEW fridge and don't see why I should be given a repaired refurbished one at only 7 mos!!!!

To repair it they will need to:

  • Cut into the line with a blowtorch
  • Attempt to find the leak
  • Recharge the system
  • Put a valve in
  • Replace the filter dryer

It that wasn't enough, they might have to possibly replace the compressor as well!


Yeah, it's still under warranty but to cut it apart to pieces and leave me with a fridge that's been torn apart and put back together.

Everyone, RUN AWAY from Samsung, there is no Quality or Support!

(**The fridge model I owned was Samsung French Door Refrigerator RF267AERS w/ indoor ice maker)

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Mar 21, 2017
by: Timbo

We bought our RF267ABRS in 2010 Within the first year it had major icing problems (failure of the defrost system) A month out of warranty it developed the Samsung signature of trash "gas Leak" and quit cooling. I am a retired HVAC contractor and did appliance repair. I repaired the defrost problem with 30 cents worth of copper wire. The defrost heat element could not reach the drain and it was freezing shut, thus the leaks freezing up and cooling stops. The wire extends the element heat down into the drain. Problem solved. Very I mean very poor designing. The gas leak is the same as all of yours. Sealed system failure means (they have no ideal why or where it is leaking) I did a trace on mine and found it in the condensing assembly. Not worth the trouble to fix I just charge it from time to time. These are the most poorly designed and quality tested products I have ever seen. We got dooped by it's looks (just as they planned). I have a 23 year old white Maytag in the basement that has never quit once thank goodness, it saves all our food everytime our new fancy Samsung quits. We are looking at an LG replacement as well.

Jan 05, 2017
4 door flex/sealed system non repairable NEW
by: Anonymous

I just want to give some hope to anyone with the same beautiful but dead Samsung paper weight that I have. Purchased 8/15. It stopped cooling Christmas weekend, well probably before that because we had been noticing milk going bad really fast lately. Temp won't go below 50 degrees. When we bought it, I researched, all I found was great reviews, so angry at this mess. After 10 days of nagging and MANY calls, they approved a full refund and I should have it in direct deposit in a few days. Advice: Be persistent. When they say their certified repair people will call in 2 days, call the repair company yourself the next day. Make sure the repair company understands the history of all the defective fridges with your same problem so they diagnose it right the FIRST time! Write down every ticket number Samsung gives you and document dates and the conversation details. Whenever Samsung or their authorized repair people say they'll call in 2-3 days, wait only a reasonable amount of time and then call them, be REALLY nice but extremely persistent. (even if their english stinks) They refunded me EVERYTHING, even delivery and tax. Just don't wait too long or they may be bankrupt! :)

Jan 04, 2017
Trashing $2000 Samsung after 4 years NEW
by: Norman

Our RSG double door will be on the skip just as soon as the replacement LG arrives. The display failed after 4 months (replaced). The "stainless steel" round the water/ice dispenser started rusting after 16 months (outside warrenty - it's not stainless steel but a paint finish!). 4 months ago started tripping the circuit breaker eventually tech agreed it was the fridge, the common defrost elament failure, replaced for $250, and shortly after poor cooling due to low gas, i.e. A gas leak. Refilled twice as a temporary measure whilst we decided if spending $800 to repair and then only with a 3 month guarantee was worth it. Given the poor quality and unreliability of the service and reliability to date, decided it was not and have now bought an equivalent LG (best similar replacement) but also tech advised that LG had a far better reliability record, and better customer service. So early next week the new LG will be delivered and the currently working SAMSUNG will be scrapped.

Dec 30, 2016
Samsung Seriously need to do something about this! NEW
by: Anonymous

Same problem! Sealed System Problem. It's been a battle to get Samsung to take responsibility. Purchased a 4 door Refrigetrator 2 years ago. Already paid 2 separate service repair (one personal call and the second an authorized Samsung repair man). It's been 3 weeks now and there is no resolution yet.
Was advised the system is highly flammable and cannot be repaired. Still waiting on Samsung.
Will update this post when there is a resolution.

Dec 16, 2016
Gas leak in close condensing system NEW
by: Ashok Bhargava


Every time I write or call samsung, get this sms on my mobile. Nobody is visiting, nobody is calling but status update takes place all the time. Worst experience. Fighting with samsung since 20th August 2016 & will not stop fighting with SAMSUNG. Beware of SAMSUNG product quality & services. They are the worst.
Samsung Double door Refrigerator RT24CDLB1/XTL Fridge Gas leak and condemnation. I bought a Samsung Double door Refrigerator RT24CDLB1/XTL on 03/07/2011 from their dealer Kay Dee Electronics Noida wide Invoice No. 2602, in my house in Delhi. On 20/08/2016 the fridge totally broke down without any cooling. After registering a complaint wide complaint No.4219970289, two technicians have visited and informed there is internal leakage and vanished without charging service fee and without giving any service slip or suggesting next course of action. I contacted SAMSUNG customer care on 1800 266 8282 several times and got assurance of senior service engineers call & visit in next 24 hours. Since then no senior service engineer has bothered to call or visit. I have called up several times to customer care centre wide reference nos. 1132229676 spoke to Mr. Gaurav , Reference No. 1132251467, spoke to Mr. Gopal, reference No. 1132262752, spoke to Mr. Hasan, and so on. Even I had a chat on web with Mr. Ankit Gupta & Ms. Akrati several times and got assurance for senior service engineer’s visit with a caption we will convert your bitter experience with a better experience. Even on suggestions provided by Ms. Akrati, I spoke to Mr. Jatin Kalra, Service centre head at Patparganj, But no one has visited till now on 24/08/2016 at 1pm. Today on 24/08/2016, again called up to customer care centre and got to surprised that the service has mentioned in the case that it is beyond repair and as per Samsung policy we can take responsibility to repair it. The lady argued on the policy guidelines. On 24/08/2016, through the day I was chasing customer care executives, Ms. Tinky, she provided me a new reference no.1132285303 & promised me that she has escalated the case to senior management and assigning complaint to service centre. Nothing took place. I again called up to customer care, some senior person picked us the phone and promised to take this complaint with service centre head. After an hour’s time I received a call from Mr. Narender Choudhary from 9210155863, he refused to send engineer. I do not know how service engineer / service centre is updating feedback without attending the complaint. Also, I am surprised, why the service centre head is not asking for a service report signed by customer. Getting a service report is customers right. Today, at 6pm, I spoke to Mr. Ali at customer care, he promised me that before 8pm somebody will attend the complaint. But nobody has turned up. Again at 8:30 pm spoke to Mr. Ali, and reminded him, he again told me that he is escalating the issue. I took a leave today and waited whole day based on previously made promises. After 25/08/2016, Every day somebody from Samsung was assuring me for a solution but not ready to arrange engineers visit and provide a service report. Today on 27/08/2016, the same person called up and offered me a 10% compensation of the invoice value which is 1,800 INR. More than this amount I can get as discount if I will exchange my refrigerator with any other brand. I would request you to please send your engineers and take this unit to your Samsung scrape yard; I will pay the transport cost from my pocket as a goodwill gesture and with a promise not to advise people not to purchase Samsung products in future.
I would like to know the following- 1. Is the refrigerator is manufactured only to perform till the warranty/ Guarantee ends? 2. Who will take the responsibility to get it repaired after warrantee/Guarantee? 3. Why they have manufactured a refrigerator which cannot be repaired? 4. How the other refrigerators of same type are working fine even after 10 years? 5. Should I register my grievance with Consumer forum? 6. Should I stop recommending samsung products to other people? 7. Should I publish my grievance on social media? 8. Is Samsung works on the policy of cheating people, They know that even during warranty period also if any unit stop functioning they will offer customer a depreciated value and get rid of the situation easily. 9. They do not send engineer in such cases and escape from providing service report. That is customers right to get a report. After many request customer care centre is not ready to provide me any email id of any superior authority to look into the issue. I am not able to understand the way of handling customer issues by Samsung. Please look into the issue at the earliest, Ashok Bhargava 257, Paryatan Vihar, B-4, Vasundhara Enclave Delhi – 110096 Mob:- +91 9871 374506

Nov 30, 2016
Samsung 3000$ 4 door refrigerator NEW
by: Constantine

Wife loved the way it looks so we bought it, worst purchase ever. Sealed system broke after 2 years, a week into talking to Samsung support (just people who are trained to get rid of you) and we still don't have a fridge in the house, they are searching for someone to fix the sealed system in our area.

Sep 08, 2016
Worst fridge ever I agree don't buy NEW
by: Meredith

Same problems less then 2. Years old ice makers terrible and fridgerator doesn't work bought warranty threw Home Depot and there trying to not replace repair people said its un fix able

Sep 06, 2016
Re: Samsung fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes I agree do not buy Samsung fridges nothing but garbage my completely broke down just like your, cost me more then $1000 to fix,unfortunately mine has no warranty

Aug 04, 2016
Samsung RF32fmqdbsr sucks NEW
by: Anonymous

On August 25,2014 Purchased rf32fmqdbsr on advice of consumer reports as their top pick and in personal recommendation from my father in law whom bought his a year earlier. His broke June of 2015 (same exact problem as I have, sealed refrigerant problem.) Today is August 4, 2016 and the second Samsung repairman is here as I write this, changing out the line dryer and recharging the refrigerant in my fridge. He arrived at 7pm and informed me that the report should take 2-3 hours. It is currently 8:16pm as I write this and he is still cutting and soldering pieces on my fridge. We have been without a working fridge for two weeks now and he informs me that I need to wait an entire day after the repair to see if the fridge will indeed cool below 50 degrees. Please buy more Samsung products so I don't feel so alone as the only fool to think I was buying quality when in reality I was just buying junk. Samsung just do the right thing....

Aug 04, 2016
Samsung RF32fmqdbsr sucks NEW
by: Anonymous

On August 25,2014 Purchased rf32fmqdbsr on advice of consumer reports as their top pick and in personal recommendation from my father in law whom bought his year earlier. His broke June of 2015 (same exact problem as I have, sealed refrigerant problem.) Today is August 4, 2016 and the second Samsung repairman is here as I write this, changing out the line dryer and recharging the refrigerant in my fridge. He arrived at 7pm and informed me that the report should take 2-3 hours. It is currently 8:16pm as I write this and he is still cutting and soldering pets on my fridge. We have been without a working fridge for two weeks now and he informs me that I need to wait an entire day after the repair to see if the fridge will indeed cool below 50 degrees. Please buy more Samsung products so I don't feel so alone as the only fool to think I was buying quality when in reality I was just buying junk. Samsung just do the right thing....

Jul 26, 2016
Samsung refrigerator rf32fmqdbsr recall NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone, I bought my refrigerator in November of 2014. It just stopped cooling so I called Home Depot warranty and they scheduled a tech to come fix it this week. They just called me and said the tech is still coming be I will be getting a full reimbursement from Samsung because the refrigerator can NOT be fixed safely. They said it may burst if the sealed system is opened up. Call Samsung or your extended warranty to get your money back. Hope this helps! Good luck!

Jul 26, 2016
Samsung refrigerator rf32fmqdbsr recalled NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone, my refrigerator stopped cooling and I called Home Depot warranty and they scheduled a tech to came out. They just called me to say that the tech is still coming out but I am getting a reimbursement from Samsung because the refrigerator can not be fixed safely. It may burst if the tech opens it. I bought this in November 2014. Everyone call Samsung or your extended warranty at ask about this recall.
Good luck

Jul 10, 2016
Samsung JUNK NEW
by: Vince Moreau

Our French door Samsung frig was not yet two years old. We had many problems from day one. This was the noisiest frig I have ever had, the compressors were noisy and the ice maker could be heard anywhere in our home. The ice maker froze up about once a week and water collected under the deli storage area. The water dispenser leaked water all the time. I would never purchase any Samsung appliances again.

Mar 31, 2016
Update from Aug. 14, 2015 NEW
by: Anonymous

Seven months into our own "fix" of our Samsung by replacing the refrigerant with another type, the fridge is still cooling like a new one. Can't believe that Samsung didn't try this!

Mar 31, 2016
Issues Samsung Model RF32FMQDBSR NEW
by: Donohue

We purchased a Samsung RF32FMQDBSR Refrigerator from Conn's June 2014. Less than 2 years old and paid $2,799.00 for the unit. In the last 6 months have had issues with ice maker freezing up, Water valve just trickling out water of the dispenser and now is seems the compressor is having issues will not get any cooler than 53 degrees. Called Samsung and just referred me to authorized service dealer to take care of this. Is this a recalled unit or what need help.

Jan 21, 2016
a fix for refrigerant leak any brand fridge
by: J Rasmussen

Our piece of junk 2 year old Whirlpool French door model WRF989SDAH00 stopped cooling. Did not purchased an extended warranty. Wish we had. Whirlpool did replace the evaporator and dryer as that was under a 5 year warranty. Two days later it stopped cooling.Called repairman, coolant was added and again in two days it stopped cooling.The AE qualified repairman could not get to the leak/leaks, after conferring with Whirlpool, the refrigerator was deemed not"repairable". Whirlpool offered no resolution ,just throw it away. I discovered a wonderful product while researching the problem.
A/c Leak Freeze was made especially for refrigeration systems.I bought it on Amazon. Called the AE repairman had him recharge the system and add a partial amount of the Leak Freeze. The refrigerator has been working great for 6 days now. Even runs cooler and quieter now.
We contacted Leak Freeze support for more detail instructions and they were extremely helpful answering each of the emails I sent within a couple of hours. Only partial amount of Leak Freeze was used. If you use to much you can create a problem. So email Leak Freeze support for advice on the amount to use. I wasn't sure if Leak Freeze would work, but figured what did we have to lose. And it worked fantastically.
It appears the new models of French door refrigerators have problems, even though I hate extended warranties, I suggest buying one!

Dec 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

You can't blast someone for spelling or grammar and then have your own post poorly written.

Aug 14, 2015
We fixed it ourselves!
by: Anonymous

I too have a Samsung RF32FMQDBSR Fridge. It stopped cooling in the top on July l, less than two years after I bought it. Long story short, after two repairmen looked at it and it being down for an entire month, they decided it was "unfixable" and refunded my money. This was thru Home Depot-one repairman was theirs, the other was certified by Samsung. I happen to have a relative who has been reparing appliances for more than 40 years. He made a trip from another state to check it out, as he said he could not believe they couldn't find the problem. First of all, the coils were clogged with cat hair. ( I had been cleaning the back of the fridge, but I didn't realize the coils were not easily found.) After testing it, he found a very minute leak in the system. Although the fridge calls for R600, he recharged it with R134A. That was two weeks ago, and the fridge is working like new. There doesnt' seem to be a problem with mixing the two refrigerants. He said I may need to have it recharged if it ever starts warming up again, but that it could take a couple of years for that to happen. Since the fridge was going to be disposed of anyway, it was worth a try. So far, it's been great. Doubt that Samsung would recommend this fix, but since R600 is not available in the US, this was the only alternative to try. I wouldn't recommend that anyone run out and buy one of these fridges, as he also has heard that Samsung has started recalling them for some reason.

Jul 06, 2015
Don't buy Samsucks anything!!!!
by: Anonymous

Five years ago I bought a Samsung RGS 257 a and at the five-year mark a completely stopped freezing and cooling. Samsung is not even open on the weekend so I had to wait till Monday and then they informed me that my unit was four years old and 11 months old. I said great because the sealed section is under warranty for five years and she said do you have your receipt. I said no well she said we cant help you without the receipT. I said you told me when I bought it you had it down to the day so why I still need the receipt anyway even though they had all of the information exactly when I had purchased it. Their stupid authorized service center was another joke took me four days to get an appointment. I ultimately found the receipt then they try to tell me it wasn't the Freon and all the other costs are out of warranty after one year. A $2500 machine that only has a one-year warranty give me a break. Customer service was horrible authorized personnel service horrible never again will I buy anything Samsung even their phones!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 24, 2014
Samsung Junk
by: Pete

We purchased all new appliances 5 years 9 months ago. The Samsung 3 door RF267a refrigerator has leaked water into the refrigerator section and pooled up to 5/8 of a gallon of water from the ice maker for the last 2 years. Then 2 weeks ago it quit cooling. We called Samsung and they told us "oh so sorry" it is 8 months out of warranty. This was a 2000$ refrigerator. I cannot believe that this is happening. We replaced an 18 year old working refrigerator with this junk when we remodeled. I have a round top refrigerator that was made in 1956 in the garage sitting in an environment with temp swings from 0 deg to 100 deg over a wide range of humidity. This one will not quit. What kind of junk is being foisted on the us the consumers by this company. I will never buy another Samsung anything and strongly recommend you run away from this brand. Would an American Company please start manufacturing a quality refrigerator? We have already switched to Speed Queen for our laundry appliances.

Sep 19, 2014
Samsung complaint
by: Cathy Heise

Purchased Samsung Refrigerator Model #RF32FMQDBSR less than year ago. Ice maker broad replaced due to factory defect. Stopped cooling. Freon leaked out. Two types of freon used in this refrigerator. In cooling system, freon not even made here in us. Butane based, highly flammable, only old in Europe. Finally got refund from Samsung but , it was a fight. They would not give us back the tax. Had to buy another refrigerator. NOT SAMSUNG!!! Customer service was terrible.

Sep 04, 2014
Samsung support and appliances are horrible
by: Fridgeless Guy

Our 2 year old $1200 fridge stopped cooling our food. We lost $200-300 worth of food. Called support on a Monday, they cannot find a service center who can diagnose the problem until Friday. This is insane! A week without a fridge? Escalated to their Executive Support dept who were almost as useless as the front line support team. If you are reading this and thinking of buying a Samsung appliance, do yourself a favor and DONT DO IT. If you search on Samsung refrigerator and class action lawsuit you will see they have had the same problem with defrost/icing up for years now and have not fixed it.

Aug 19, 2014
by: jim

Mine is 8 months out of warrantee out of freon leak.. 2 grand for a refrig to last 5 years 8 months SAMSUNG SUCKS!!!!!

Jul 20, 2014
buy a samesung
by: Anonymous

I have had my Refrigerator for 5 years now with no problems. I love it.

Jun 29, 2011
Samsung Class Action Law Suit
by: Anonymous

There currently is a Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Filed Over The Alleged Frozen Coil Defect.

Click here to learn more about the Samsung Class Action Lawsuit

Aug 03, 2010
Probably The Best Choice
by: Jill

I had a Samsung and went the way of having someone fix it for me because it was still under warranty and thought that it would end up good as new but it took months to get the parts and to get it done. And I mean around 6 months.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to live without a refrigerator for 6 months?!?!?!

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