Coils Freeze Up in Our Samsung Refrigerator - Model RS263BBWP Side by Side w/ Dual Cooling

by JR

There is definitely a design flaw in Samsung refrigerators that cause the coils to freeze up.

The last time this happened the Samsung repairman did not know how to fix this problem and admitted he didn't know much about the Samsung brand. How reassuring!

He just poured warm water over the coils to defrost them!

I believe this situation is no different from an automobile recall but of course Samsung would never admit there is a widespread problem with their coils freezing. The coil just froze again so I am forced to get out the ice chests and wait for a week or so until the next serviceman appears.

They make pretty good TV's - why can't they make a decent refrigerator?!?!

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Nov 09, 2018
My "freeze up" happened twice within one year NEW
by: Josie Raimondi

I am a property manager. This happened in November 2017 and is now happening in November 2018. I had to call about 7 appliance repair places to find one who would come out and give me an opinion. Two of them, when asked, said they would never buy Samsung and suggested a Whirlpool refrigerator. The man who fixed it the first time (in 2017) said he no longer will work on Samsung appliances because they are so faulty. Scares me...I have a Samsung in my own home, but if it starts giving me problems, I'm going to replace it with a Whirlpool ASAP.

Apr 19, 2017
Same Samsung Refrigerator Problem
by: Steve P

I have the RS25H5111SR side by side dual cooling. Mine started freezing up after 18 months, I thawed it and it is freezing up again, ie going warm.

Our milk has spoiled 3 times as well as other food. The even worse part is that I called Samsung, they gave me a service ticket and then emailed me that they cancelled it. This happened twice.

The compressor is still under warranty, but I guess they won't service there equipment if only part is under warranty.

LESS than 1 STAR for Samsung frig.

Dec 22, 2014
rf 197acpn
by: Anonymous

the RF197 acpn model does not defrost. Have to manually defrost every 4 weeks or so.

Samsung has told me it is out of warranty so they won't repair it without a fee.

Also, my Samsung range oven model fx 510 bgs had a failed oven safety valve and flooded my home with gas.

Luckily I did not blow up, and I MEAN LUCKILY.
Its amazing what advertising can sell.

As for me I am done with Samsung

Oct 10, 2014
Samsung RF197ACPN frozen coil in fridge
by: Peter

This model Samsung has the same problem, the refrigerator coils freez and then water enter the fridge at the back below the coil. I would recommend never buying a Samsung refrigerator.

Jul 01, 2011
No Refund For Me...
by: Anonymous

You can't get a refund unless it's within the 1yr warranty and my refrigerator was 15 months old.

Jul 01, 2011
Get a refund ---
by: Anonymous

If you have had issues with this refrigerator with the coils freezing in the refrigerator side I urge you to stay on top of it with Samsung Corp office.

I jumped through all the hoops - had one of their recommended service companies come & try to fix. They reported back that the fridge was not able to be repaired.

I have been issued a voucher back to Best Buy for the original purchase amount to buy another refrigerator.

It is worth going exactly by their recommended steps. I will buy another Samsung because I feel they have taken care of me.

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Jan 04, 2011
Samsung Class Action Lawsuit
by: Justin M.

There is a Class Action lawsuit forming against Samsung for the 'coil freezing' issue. Just google Samsung Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit and contact one of the attorneys listed.

I had the 2530 model and it started freezing over after 1 year. Samsung is doing nothing about this. In fact, they are still selling models with the same design flaw, so I expect thousands of buyers have this problem, probably a lot more!

Samsung will be forced to recognize their design flaw.

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