My Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator is Burning Hot

I am so confused at to how a refrigerator, that makes things cold and frozen gets so hot in the back that it can actually burn you.

My refrigerator is a ten year old Kenmore top freezer refrigerator about 10 years old. It works fine though I am concerned as to how hot it gets in the back.

The coils are located in back. I have cleaned the coils but it stills gets hot. Is it the refrigeration process that is giving off heat or is there something seriously wrong with my refrigerator?

I have had Kenmore refrigerators all of my life and I don't ever remember this kind of heat coming off of any of them. Or could it also be the fact that it is a top freezer refrigerator?

As you can see, I am so perplexed by this and would love any answers anyone has to offer.


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