LG LMX25964 not cold enough? Here's how to fix it!

A previous commenter noted that his LG LMX25964 wouldn't get cold enough. He said that he'd set it at 33F (the minimum) and it wouldn't get below 38F. I had the same problem, except mine wouldn't get below 39F when set at 33F. The freezer was set at the recommended 0F and worked fine.

After complaining to LG about this, LG sent a tech 4 times to replace various parts (baffles, temp sensor, main board, etc.) but after no luck I told Best Buy that I wanted an exchange (I was still within their 30-day return policy) and they got me a new fridge. No hassle, no charge.

When the new fridge was delivered, the problem was the same and it wouldn't get below 39F when set at 33F. Note that the accuracy of my thermometer was verified by immersing it in ice water which should have a temp of exactly 32F.

  • Tip: The air temp varies inside a fridge depending on whether the fan is on or not, the best way to check the temp is to stick a digital thermometer inside of a glass of water that has been in the fridge for a few hours. The glass of water won't change temp when the fridge fan cycles on and off.

Anyway, back to the main topic... LG sent their tech again who verified the same problem with the new fridge. Fortunately, I had a good tech and he was as confused by this problem as I was. He got on the phone with his LG contacts and insisted that there must be an adjustment.

The first support person didn't know of an adjustment but he eventually spoke with a more experienced support person. Eventually, he found out that there are some jumper wires on the main board that can be clipped to adjust the temp.

Clipping jumbers 1 and 2 should *increase* the fridge temp by 3 degrees while clipping jumpers 3 and 4 should *decrease* the fridge temp by 3 degrees.

The tech unplugged the fridge, located the jumper wires on the main board and clipped wires 3 and 4. After 24 hours my fridge was down to 35F (4 degrees lower than before). This was all it took to fix the problem.

My interpretation of this is that the factory calibration settings for the temp sensor in this fridge result in a temp that is about 6F on the high side of the setpoint. I observed this same behavior on 3 different main boards on 2 different fridges.

I can't say for sure, but maybe having the temp running a few degrees on the warm side could be a way to achieve a lower energy consumption for those yellow stickers (Energy Star) that are on the inside of all of the fridges at the store, who knows...

Anyway, I'm sure that this fix would have solved the initial problem had the tech known about this jumper setting. Not only did the tech not know, but even his first level support person answering the phone didn't know either and it took a total of 5 trips and a new fridge to figure it out.

It still doesn't reach 33F but 35F is good enough for me.

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