GE Profile is the Worst Refrigerator Ever!!

I purchased my GE Profile refrigerator in 2007 and it has been nothing but trouble since the warranty expired.

To get this baby up and running again, I would have to spend around $600.

  • The ice maker is shot as well as the left rail on the freezer drawer.

  • In addition, the door bins are cracking!

Needless to say, I am taking what I can get for this and purchasing a new fridge. This is a stainless steel lemon!

I will never, never purchase another GE appliance. What has happened to them???????????????????????

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Aug 05, 2015
2014 GE profile big pile of junk
by: Joanne Miller

I've only owned this monster for one year and tomorrow will be the fourth time someone from GE will have to come out and fix or replace something.

Stopped working today completely and only because I took out the extra warranty are they coming tomorrow which is too late to save all my food.

If I hadn't bought the extra warranty it would be almost a week before someone would look at it.

$3000 later and one year later I have a broken refrigerator and thank you to GE for a piece of garbage.

Don't ever buy this brand !

Dec 17, 2011
Worst Ever Refrigerator - AGREED!
by: Anonymous

I agree that GE Profile is the worst refrigerator ever made!

Our homebuilder installed all GE profile appliances.

Our side by side stainless steel refrigerator has a major problem with the ice maker. It melts and all the water from the melted ice drips down the freezer and the top shelf of the freezer unfreezes whatever is on there. Then it refreezes and you have icicles everywhere.

Our GE profile dishwasher never got the dishes clean AT ALL and then one night the heating coil did not turn off and stayed on all night and could have set the house on fire had I not smelt something very hot and felt the granite counter top was extremely hot. Also thank God I got to it before my kids did as they would have been SEVERELY burned. Both these things are KNOWN issues with this crap brand.

We have now bought a Bosch dishwasher and have never been happier. We still have to replace the ridiculous fridge though.

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