The Amana ACD2234HRW Side by Side Refrigerator Review

21.5 Cu. Ft. Side by Side Refrigerator

  • OVERVIEW: The Amana ACD2234HRW side by side refrigerator did anexcellent job keeping a constant temperature. It has a lot ofnice features for the price range as well, but we were somewhatsurprised by the lack of a few things that you would expect to see in aside by side refrigerator.

    First off, the fact that it hastwo veggie crispers but no meat drawer seemed a bit odd.  Acan rack seemed to be one feature that would greatly enhance what isalready a well designed interior space.

    But, those faultsaside, it ran quietly and proved to be one of the better Amana side by side refrigerator models.

  • STYLE: Thestyling of this model was nothing extraordinary and we felt was adequate for the price.  It's rather modern and sleek and we feel it will blend nicely with just about anykitchen decor.

  • CAPACITY: ThisKenmore Fridge Freezer has a 21.6 cubic foot interior which is smaller than most in the side by side category, but the unit makes good use of the space it has.  The flip down door baskets in the freezer and the gallon storage door compartments in the fridge help make up for the difference.

  • NOTABLE FEATURES: This unit has freestanding cabinet depth which will allow you to fit it into most coventional kitchens as is.  The Frontfill Dispenser is well thought out considering it has a child lock out, a filter status indicator (which lets you know when to change it out) and an Auto Night Light.  The slide out wire freezer baskets came in quite handy.  One thing we didn't like was there was no difference in humidity levels in the garden crisper or in the deli drawer.

  • COLORS: This model comes in bisque on bisque (Model # ACD2234HRQ - recently discontinued as 11/23/07),  Stainless (similar tostainless - Model # ACD2234KRS), white on white (Model # ACD2234HRW- also recently discontinued but you may still find a few out there on the net)and black on black (Model # ACD2234HRB)

  • EFFICIENCY:It’s ENERGY STAR qualified.

  • DIMENSIONS: Itsdimensions are: DEPTH –29 1/4 in, WIDTH – 35 5/8in,HEIGHT 68 1/2in.

  • MSRP: $1,819.00-$2,089.00(Depending on the color)

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