Handles Breaking on my Frigidaire Model #FFHT1826LQA Refrigerator/Freezer

by Audrey R.
(Watertown, SD)

I am writing this review because I need to know if the problems are only happening to my refrigerator.

My question is if any one has had problems with their Frigedaire Refrigerator Handle Breaking?

Mine have had problem after problem with this. Seriously since I got this fridg I have had to replace it 4 times! If that wasn't enough, when I called the company that sold me they said it was my fault! They claim it has to do with the fact that I tightened the handle too much.

Well Guess what, it wasn't me that tightened it too much -- it was the guys who delivered it that put it on that tightened it. How is that my fault?

I would get that this would be a problem that I'm responsible for except that my daughter, who lives several hundred miles away in Denver, has the same Frigidaire refrigerator and her handle is broken too.

So if any one hears about recall on my Refrigerator FFHT1826LQA please let me know!

I've had it for only 3yrs and the handle keeps on breaking and, no, I am not pulling or hanging on it.

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