GE Profile Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Reviews: Big Disappointment

by Ann D.

The easiest way to sum up my GE Profile refrigerator reviews would be BIG disappointment.

I bought an entire suite of GE Profile - looks are great. Out of all of it, the fridge is a problem.

They sell you on its great temperature control but don't buy into that. Just had a really good repair guy over and he said he will not touch it because it has multiple problems:

  • Interface doesn't light

  • It's not going into defrost mode

  • The mother board probably needs to be replaced (and that costs a motherlode)

    I understand that they have real problems with the motherboards. (I have a GE dryer and that motherboard went early.)

Now I have to decide whether to buy a new fridge or take a chance on throwing good money after bad trying to repair it.

It's the wrapped stainless steel model which made it was very expensive and makes me want to try to save it.

Still I am unsure.

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