Amana.....Side by Side.......SQD25NBW

by Ellis
(Arlington, TX. USA)

I never would've guessed that I could have a refrigerator for so long!!

I bought my Amana Side by Side SQD25NBW refrigerator/freezer all of the way back in 1993.

I even kept the sales slip.

Believe it or not it was 26 years later I had my first problem. Seriously 26 years it worked beautifully without a single issue!!

Best of all the first problem it had wasn't with anything having to do with the cooling, motor or fan - the water dispenser quit working.

I called in a qualified repair man in a little over an hour it was fixed! Honestly a simple repair and away he went leaving my refrigerator to seem brand new (at least to me!).

Anything that lasts for 26 years must be a quality item.

It works for me and I plan on keeping it as long as I can and should it ever brake down on me I definitely plan on sticking with Amana!

So if you still need to know, if you're looking to buy a refrigerator and don't which brand to buy, I give my complete confidence in Amana and would tell you to seriously not even look at any other brand. It has been the most seemless and easy appliance I have ever owned in my entire life!

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Sep 25, 2022
Such a great story!!
by: Phil

Ellis thank you for telling us about your amazing experience with Amana. We've been hearing from many long term Amana refrigerator users that they have had their refrigerators for many years and have worked beautifully!

We really like to hear both the good and the bad to help our readers know what really works and what doesn't so that they can make a truly educated choice about their next purchase. Thank you for taking the time to help them!

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